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Introducing the KONG Wavz Bunjiball Dog Toy, a thrilling playtime companion for your furry friend, now in stock at Metro Pet Supply! Crafted for hours of interactive fun, this toy is designed with your dog's joy in mind. The KONG Wavz Bunjiball features a durable rubber ball that bounces erratically, adding an element of surprise to every chase. The distinctive bunji cord handle provides a secure grip and an exciting tug-of-war experience, promoting both physical activity and bonding time with your pet.

With its unpredictable bounce and vibrant colors, this large-sized dog toy is sure to keep your pup engaged and entertained. Say goodbye to boredom and elevate your dog's playtime with the KONG Wavz Bunjiball, now available at Metro Pet Supply. Make playtime unforgettable and order one for your furry companion today!