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Introducing the Pet Squeaky Hedgehog Ball Dog Toy Small from Metro Pet Supply! 

Bring endless joy to your furry friend with this delightful toy. Crafted with love and designed for small dogs, this Hedgehog Ball is perfect for playtime, indoors or outdoors. The soft, yet durable material ensures hours of safe chewing and fetching fun. 

Our Hedgehog Ball is not just an ordinary toy; it squeaks! The built-in squeaker will keep your pet entertained and engaged, satisfying their natural instincts. Its compact size makes it easy for your small dog to carry and play with, promoting exercise and mental stimulation.

Treat your beloved pup to a hedgehog friend they can enjoy anytime. Make your pet's day special with the Pet Squeaky Hedgehog Ball Dog Toy Small, available now at Metro Pet Supply. Your pet's happiness is our priority!