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At Metro Pet Supply, we've just introduced the Aroma Dog Fleece Flattie Dog Toy for your pet's playful delights! This vibrant toy is the perfect companion for any canine companion, offering hours of entertainment and comfort.

Made from high-quality plush fleece, the Aroma Dog Fleece Flattie is designed for active dogs who love to play. Its material is sturdy and yet incredibly soft, providing the ideal balance for longer-lasting play. And that's not all. It's designed with an amazing scent that entices your furry friend to play and smile. Perfect for cuddle sessions and constant fun, your pup is guaranteed to be kept engaged. 

The Aroma Dog Fleece Flattie is also easy to clean, guaranteeing you more quality time with your little critter. Furthermore, its built-in squeaker gives off an exciting sound that’ll have your pup running in circles and entertaining in the best way possible. Enjoy daily sessions with your furry pal and experience the joy of the Aroma Dog Fleece Flattie today!