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Have you ever noticed that your pup needs something different to chew on? Dogs love to chew and explore their environment, and the Kong Sneakerz Knots are the perfect chew toy for any active pup! The Medium-sized Kong Sneakerz Knots are the perfect way to keep your pup occupied, challenged, and entertained all day long. These colorful knot-shaped chews not only satisfy your dog's need to chew, but they also help to keep their pearly whites clean.

With its soft texture, they provide interactive fun for your pet. Not only that but Kong Sneakerz Knots are made with the highest quality materials, designed with the safety of your pup in mind. The durable rubber, designed to last, won't splinter and keeps your pup in control of their playtime.

Plus, every Kong Sneakerz Knots provides an excellent source of mental stimulation that helps reduce boredom and satisfies your pup. So give your pup something to get excited about and invest in these Kong Sneakerz Knots today. Pick up a Medium size at Metro Pet Supply and let the fun and chewing begin!