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Introducing the Chuckit! Indoor Tumbler Dog Toy, is the perfect addition to your pup's playtime arsenal! This lightweight toy is made from textured chenille soft fabric for a soft and gentle bounce. It's small enough for small dogs and puppies to easily pick up, making it ideal for rainy days or an afternoon game of tug-o-war. 

Just when you thought your pup couldn't get any more excited about playing indoor fetch, the Chuckit! Indoor Tumbler takes things up a notch with Bounceflex Core Technology which provides a satisfying bounce when thrown against a hardwood floor. 

What's more, you can pair it with the Chuckit! Indoor Launcher (not included) so you can have dry, slobber-free hands-free pickup - let the shredding fun begin! Get your furry friend ready for those cozy winter months by ordering one of these fantastic tumblers today - there’s plenty of tail-wagging fun to come!