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Introducing the 1 Oz Dental Ball Dog Toy with Tropiclean Enticer Teeth Cleaning Gel in Honey Chicken flavor, now in a larger size for your furry friend's ultimate chewing pleasure. At Metro Pet Supply, we understand the importance of maintaining your dog's dental health while keeping them entertained, and this product does just that.

Our Dental Ball Dog Toy is designed to promote oral hygiene as your pup plays. The textured surface of the ball helps to clean your dog's teeth and gums, preventing plaque and tartar buildup. To make the experience even more enticing, we've included Tropiclean's flavorful Honey Chicken Teeth Cleaning Gel. Your dog will love the taste, and you'll love the results.

Give your dog a reason to smile and enjoy hours of interactive play while ensuring their dental health remains in tip-top shape. Trust Metro Pet Supply for quality products that prioritize your pet's well-being. Get your 1 Oz Dental Ball Dog Toy today!