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Introducing the Snugarooz 3.5 in. Kitty Avocato with Catnip Toy, now available at Metro Pet Supply! Give your feline friend a taste of the avocado craze with this adorable and interactive toy. Crafted with love and designed for hours of play, the Kitty Avocato features a lifelike avocado shape and is filled with premium catnip to keep your kitty entertained and engaged.

Watch as your furry companion pounces, bats, and chases this irresistible toy, providing them with exercise and mental stimulation. The Snugarooz 3.5 in. Kitty Avocato is the perfect size for playful paws and guarantees endless amusement for your pet. It's a must-have addition to your cat's toy collection. Get yours today at Metro Pet Supply and let your kitty go "avocado-crazy"!