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Keep your furry friends safe this winter with Pestell Paw Thaw Pet Friendly Ice Melter, now available at Metro Pet Supply. Our 25 lbs. bag of Paw Thaw is specially formulated to protect your pets' delicate paws from the harsh effects of ice and snow.

This pet-friendly ice melter is designed to quickly and effectively melt ice and snow, making your pathways and driveways safe for both your pets and your family. With its non-toxic, chloride-free formula, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets won't be exposed to harmful chemicals.

Pestell Paw Thaw is easy to use and works at lower temperatures than regular ice melters, ensuring your outdoor spaces stay ice-free even in the coldest weather. Trust Metro Pet Supply to provide you with the best pet-friendly solution for winter safety. Get your bag of Pestell Paw Thaw today and keep your pets happy and safe all season long!