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Love spending time outdoors with your pup but hate the thought of cleaning up after them? Say goodbye to all your worries with the Earth Rated Lavender Easy-Tie Handle Bags! These revolutionary bags have an all-natural lavender scent and are thicker, tougher, and larger than average bags, making cleaning up after your dog a simple, pleasant experience. 

With their convenient tie handles, you can tie them and knot them without fear of them ripping open - no more messes! Their leak-proof design also helps keep your hands clean and germs away. Plus, each bag can be used multiple times before disposing, helping you reduce your impact on the environment. 

With Earth-Rated Lavender Easy-Tie Handle Bags, you can keep your pup's messes contained while also being environmentally friendly. So what are you waiting for? Stock up on these amazing bags today and make cleaning up easy!