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Discover the charm and durability of the LupinePet Originals 1/2" Panda Land 6-9" Adjustable Collar, meticulously designed for extra small dogs. This delightful collar features a playful panda-themed pattern that adds a touch of whimsy to your pet's appearance. Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures longevity and comfort. The collar's width of 1/2 inch is perfect for smaller breeds, providing a snug yet gentle fit. 

Adjustability is a key aspect, with a range of 6-9 inches, making it ideal for growing puppies or extra small dog breeds. The collar is equipped with a sturdy, easy-to-use clasp that ensures security and ease of handling. Additionally, its lightweight design ensures your pet's comfort during daily activities, whether it's a leisurely walk or playful moments in the park. The LupinePet Originals collar blends style, functionality, and comfort, making it a superb choice for your petite canine companion.