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Discover the Lupine Original Designs Multicolored Ripple Creek Nylon Dog Leash, meticulously crafted for medium to large-sized canine companions. This leash, measuring 3/4 inch in width and 6 feet in length, is a blend of durability and style. The vibrant, ripple creek pattern boasts an array of colors, making it a standout accessory during walks. 

Constructed with high-quality nylon, the leash ensures a comfortable grip and resilient strength, capable of handling the energy and pull of larger dogs. The thoughtfully designed clasp offers secure attachment to your dog's collar, providing peace of mind during outdoor adventures. 

Ideal for daily walks, training sessions, or leisurely strolls, this leash combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. It is a practical choice for pet owners seeking a reliable leash that also adds a splash of color to their dog's routine. Suitable for various breeds and sizes, this leash is a versatile and stylish addition to your pet's collection.