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You and your pup deserve the best when it comes to keeping safe on those daily walks! The Coastal Pet dog collar, available now at Metro Pet Supply, provides superior comfort while looking as stylish as you do! This particular member of the Coastal Pet family is a 12-inch collar, perfect for pups who are still growing. 

It’s highlighted in a light pink color that hints at your pet’s unique personality - and there’s no denying they look oh-so-cute donning it! This premium-quality collar is designed from a sturdy yet lightweight material formulated to hold up against every scrape, scratch, or scuffle—the ideal choice for adventurous pups everywhere. 

With its adjustable design and easy locking buckle system offering effortless convenience, this brilliant pink Coastal Pet will make for an ideal everyday accessory—one sure to turn heads wherever you two go! Get yours today at Metro Pet Supply and unleash your pup’s inner fashionista.