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For the lush and vibrant lawn you’ve been dreaming of, Metro Pet Supply now offers the Naturvet GrassSaver Yellow to Green Lawn Spray! This revolutionary spray helps turn a yellowed or thinning lawn into a healthy, lush green. 

With an easy applicator designed to cover 1250 square feet of space with just one bottle, you can get your lawn looking like new quickly and without hassle. Powered by natural ingredients like alfalfa phytosome, bentonite clay, and various trace minerals; your lawn will receive all the nutrients it needs to thrive! 

Even better, those pesky weeds won’t be able to take hold as easily as before and the Naturvet GrassSaver is even safe for use around pets—making lawn care worry-free on all fronts. So please don’t wait another season wishing for a luscious green lawn; make it a reality with Naturvet GrassSaver today at Metro Pet Supply!