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Do you have a dog that has an occasional flea problem? PetLock Plus Dog Flea Treatment from Metro Pet Supply is here to help! You don't need to go through the pain and hassle of synthetic chemical medicines that often have side effects – this all-natural, safe alternative will keep your faithful friend flea-free. 

Our Petlock for Dogs 23-44 lbs is made with natural human-grade ingredients like essential oils and vitamin B1 so you know your pup is getting the best care. And with both long and short-term flea protection, you can rest assured that those pesky bloodsuckers won't be coming back any time soon. 

With PetLock Plus, we guarantee that pest control will be odorless and residue-free, leaving no trace on your furry friend (or in your house!). Give your pup the protection they deserve - try our top-of-the-line PetLock Plus Dog Flea Treatment today!