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Let your dog explore the great outdoors with the Chuckit! Paraflight! This durable dog toy is easy to pack up and perfect for on-the-go adventures. With its rope and canvas construction, medium-sized canvas wing, and soft, heavy-duty rubber tail, your pup will have hours of captivating aerial fun.

The bright colors and flexible wings of the Chuckit! Paraflight makes it easy to spot and easier to catch, even when the action is far above the ground. When your pup is done playing, the Paraflight is easily collected out of tall grass and hard-to-reach places with the convenient launcher. 

Take your pup's aerial playtime game to the next level with the large-size Chuckit! Paraflight. Perfect for dogs of all sizes and all levels of strength, this easy-to-use dog toy with a sporty design will have your pup soaring higher and playing harder than ever. Get the Chuckit! Paraflight from Metro Pet Supply and never worry about fetch time again!