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The Benebone D Bacon Wish Regular is going to be your pup's favorite new chew toy! High quality, made with real bacon, and ergonomically designed to help your pup chew comfortably, this toy will satisfy your pup’s needs for hours and hours. Plus, the Wishbone shape makes it easy for pups to pick up and even easier for you to take away when necessary. 

Metro Pet Supply wants to make sure your pup has the most fun - and that's why we offer the Benebone Wishbone. It's not only tasty for our pups to chew on, it also benefits their dental health as they nibble away. Keep their teeth polished and their breath fresh, while they're having the time of their life. 

Don't miss out on getting your pup this special product from Metro Pet Supply! The Benebone D Bacon Wish Regular will be your pup's best friend for hours. Keep your pup healthy, happy, and entertained with the Benebone Wishbone!