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Pamper your kitty’s taste buds with this delicious Weruva Stew! Stewbacca Chicken Duck & Salmon Dinner in Gravy Wet Cat Food. Since 2006, Weruva has provided cats and kittens worldwide with nutritious, healthy meals made from only the highest-quality ingredients, such as cage-free chicken, duck sourced from Europe, and wild-caught salmon. 

Join hundreds who depend on Weruva to provide their favorite felines with irresistible recipes rich in protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, you can feel confident knowing that the 5.5 Oz can provide your furry friend with plenty of food containing nature jelly that helps hydrate them appropriately throughout the day. 

The easy-to-open can allow you to get dinner on the table within minutes while giving your little one a delectable meal every time! So don’t wait — shop Metro Pet Supply today to bring home some Weruva for guaranteed kitty satisfaction!