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Are you looking for a canned cat food recipe that ensures your furry friend gets all the nutrition they need? Look no further than Wellness Adult Chicken and Lobster Canned Cat Food! This delicious meal is made with premium-quality proteins including real chicken, turkey, and lobster. 

The balanced blend of proteins, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and amino acids make it a complete & balanced diet perfect for your kitty’s well-being. Not to mention the tasty flavor combination of chicken and lobster-- your pet won’t be able to resist! With each bite, your cat receives the advantage of added antioxidants for a healthy immune system & optimal hydration. 

Plus this grain-free recipe contains no wheat, corn, or soy making it the perfect choice for pets with food sensitivities. Get more out of mealtime and provide your beloved pet with the very best. Stop by Metro Pet Supply today to get Wellness Adult Chicken And Lobster— satisfaction guaranteed!