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Sweeten your kitten’s day with Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Salmon Recipe Canned Cat Food! Crafted to meet the dietary needs of cats, this canned food is filled to the brim with delicious, protein-packed salmon. Plus, it's grain-free and filled with natural ingredients like vitamins and taurine for a healthy boost. 

This tantalizing wet cat food contains no chicken or poultry byproduct meals, no corn, wheat, soy—or any artificial preservatives or flavors. A wild feline diet made the easy way: Simply open up the can and add some fun and flavor to mealtime for your precocious pal. Keep your cat purring in satisfaction by creating a meal plan full of flavorful nutrition that she’ll love. 

With Metro Pet Supply offering Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Salmon Recipe Canned Cat Food in 3-oz cans at an incredible price, you won’t regret adding a tasty twist to your kitty’s daily meals so she can live happy and healthy!