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Give your cat an exclusive, delicious eating experience with After Dark Canned Chicken & Beef Cat Food! Our 2.8-ounce cans are the perfect way to give your beloved pet a premium quality meal every night!

This exclusive canned cat food is made from premium cuts of real chicken and beef and is packed with nutrients – vitamins, minerals, proteins, and oats – that cats need for essential nutrition. This delectable blend will nourish your cat while giving it a flavorful burst of flavor that you and your fur baby will love! 

At Metro Pet Supply we believe in providing the best nutrition for your feline friends - providing optimal energy during their active nighttime hours. Trust us when we say there's no better choice than After Dark Canned Chicken & Beef Cat Food for making sure they stay healthy and happy as they go about their nightly activities! So come in today and discover the ideal choice for complete pet nutrition!