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Treat your feline family member with the absolute best! Blue Buffalo Chicken Entree in Gravy is a natural flaked wet cat food that will have your kitty roaring with delight. This 3 lb. can of deliciousness contains ingredients they not only love but also are good for them too. 

Real chicken is the first ingredient plus potatoes, carrots, and peas provide vitamins A and B. You'll get peace of mind knowing that this product has never been made from wheat, corn, or soy - just natural nutrition to help keep your kitty healthy from nose to tail! Plus, the high moisture content in this meal helps ensure your pet gets all the hydration they need as well.  

At Metro Pet Supply, you know you'll always get the highest quality when it comes to cat food and Blue Buffalo Chicken Entree in Gravy is no exception. So come on down and pick up a 3lb can today - give your beloved pet the food they deserve at a price you will absolutely love!