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Discover endless fun and excitement for your furry friend with our 20 in. Nuts for Knots Rope Tug with Tennis Ball Toys, Assorted, brought to you by Metro Pet Supply. This engaging pet toy combines the best of both worlds, offering your dog a durable rope tug for interactive play and a tennis ball for fetching adventures.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this rope tug toy is designed to withstand vigorous play, making it perfect for tug-of-war sessions and solo chewing. The assorted color options add an element of surprise, keeping your pet intrigued and entertained.

Metro Pet Supply's Nuts for Knots Rope Tug with Tennis Ball Toys is an ideal addition to your pet's toy collection, promoting exercise, dental health, and bonding time. Get ready for hours of joy and playtime with your four-legged companion – order yours today!