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Introducing the GoDog Action Plush Frog Animated Squeaker Pet Toy, available at Metro Pet Supply! Treat your furry friend to hours of interactive fun with this lively green frog toy. Designed for dogs and puppies of all sizes, this one-size-fits-all plush toy will become your pet's new playtime companion.

Watch as your pet engages with the animated squeaker that mimics realistic frog sounds, stimulating their curiosity and providing entertainment. Made with durable materials, this toy is built to withstand vigorous play, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for your beloved pet.

At Metro Pet Supply, we understand the importance of providing quality products that keep your pet happy and engaged. So, why wait? Add the GoDog Action Plush Frog Animated Squeaker Pet Toy to your cart and let the fun begin! Your pet will thank you for it.