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At Metro Pet Supply, conquer winter's icy challenges with Traction Magic, a revolutionary 2-Part Granule Ice Traction System brought to you by America's #1 Pet and Child Safe Ice Melter, Safe Paw. Developed by Gaia Enterprise, Inc. in 2012, Traction Magic is the ultimate solution for safely navigating icy or snowy surfaces.

This patent-pending formula boasts an ingenious combination of all-natural crystal granules, acting as both Absorbers and Grippers. The Absorbers swiftly eliminate the liquid layer above the ice, while the Grippers, armed with spike-like ends, firmly embed themselves into the ice sheet.

The result? A stable non-slip surface akin to sandpaper, providing instant traction for your shoes, tires, and paws. Whether you're stuck in the snow or strolling on driveways, walkways, or decks, Traction Magic ensures you tread with confidence and safety. Winter challenges, met and conquered, courtesy of Metro Pet Supply.