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Introducing the Van Ness 25 Lb Dog Food Storage Container on Wheels, available at Metro Pet Supply! Say goodbye to messy and inconvenient pet food storage with this practical solution. Designed to make your life easier, this storage container comes with built-in wheels, allowing you to effortlessly move and access your furry friend's food.

With a generous 25 lb capacity, it provides ample space to store your pet's food, ensuring it stays fresh and free from pests. The airtight seal keeps odors in check, while the translucent design lets you easily monitor food levels. Plus, its durable construction ensures long-lasting use.

Simplify your pet care routine and keep your pet's food organized with the Van Ness 25 Lb Dog Food Storage Container on Wheels from Metro Pet Supply. Trust us for quality pet products that make your life and your pet's life better.