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The LupinePet Basics 1" adjustable collar is the perfect choice for pet owners looking for a reliable, stylish, and safe dog collar for their large breed pup. Its adjustable sizing configures 16-28 inches, and its vibrant purple pattern makes sure your pup will look great on whatever adventure they might embark upon. 

What's more, our LupinePet Basics collar is made from a custom-woven biothane material that is waterproof and won't stretch out from wear and tear. It will never fray or rot and is nearly indestructible, meaning your pup can live their best life without having to worry about replacing their favorite collar. 

This collar is perfect for outdoor activities and extended periods of water play, so you can give your pup the freedom it deserves without always running to the store for a new collar. Don't let your pup miss out, get your LupinePet Basics 1" adjustable collar from Metro Pet Supply today!