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At Metro Pet Supply, we've got the perfect product to ensure your pup is comfortable as they heal: the KONG Cloud E-Collar for Dogs! This large-sized inflatable e-collar is designed to provide protection to your pet without limiting their ability to eat, drink, and see. Plus, its scratch and bite-resistant and won't mark up your floors or furniture! 

The KONG Cloud E-Collar is ideal for dogs and cats recovering from surgery or wounds. It comes in five sizes, ensuring there's an option that's perfect for your pup's frame-- if your dog is a bit bigger or a breed that falls between sizes, we recommend sizing up! As always, you should always keep an eye on them to make sure the collar is working properly.

It's never easy to see your pet uncomfortable or in pain, but you can feel rest assured that the KONG Cloud E-Collar will provide some extra comfort and protection. Shop at Metro Pet Supply today and get this trustworthy product for your pup!