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Discover the ultimate solution for petite dogs under 5 lbs with the PetSafe Gentle Leader Quick Release Fawn Headcollar. At Metro Pet Supply, we understand the importance of comfortable and safe walks for your tiny companion. This headcollar offers gentle control, ensuring your furry friend walks beside you with ease.

Crafted in a stylish fawn color, this headcollar combines fashion and functionality. The quick-release feature allows for easy on and off, making it hassle-free to put on your pup. Say goodbye to tugging and pulling during walks, as the Gentle Leader Headcollar redirects your dog's attention without discomfort.

Provide your beloved pet with the care they deserve during outdoor adventures. Choose the PetSafe Gentle Leader Quick Release Fawn Headcollar from Metro Pet Supply for a comfortable, reliable, and stylish walking experience for your petite pup.