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Introducing the Four Paws Chain Choke 22 Heavy, now at Metro Pet Supply! Crafted for those seeking a reliable training tool, this sturdy choke collar is designed to assist in teaching your furry companion obedience and control. With a durable chain construction and a convenient 22-inch length, it provides just the right balance of correction and comfort during training sessions.

The Four Paws Chain Choke 22 Heavy is ideal for larger dogs, offering a secure fit without compromising their safety. Whether you're teaching basic commands or fine-tuning your pet's behavior, this collar is an essential tool in your training arsenal.

Trust Metro Pet Supply for your pet's needs. We bring you quality products like the Four Paws Chain Choke 22 Heavy, ensuring that your training efforts are met with success. Get yours today and watch your furry friend grow into a well-behaved companion.