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Let's get your pet looking and feeling fantastic with TropiClean Neem Shampoo! Our formula for this luxurious shampoo contains natural ingredients, like neem oil, that are proven to soothe dry, itchy skin while cleaning the coat and moisturizing the skin. This miracle product will have your pet feeling refreshed and looking glossy in no time.

TropiClean Neem Shampoo is not only great for their coat but it also prepares them for upcoming grooming sessions with ease. The active ingredients in our unique blend of natural compounds help to remove loose fur, debris, dirt, dander, and dust to leave your pet with a show-winning shine every day! This gentle shampoo also makes bathtime more pleasant - the mild scent of neem will help awaken senses so they can get into that showering spirit! 

If you want your pets to feel invigorated and clean again, try TropiClean Neem Shampoo from Metro Pet Supply. With its ability to clean deep down and promote naturally healthy skin at the same time, you can rest easy knowing you're giving them the best care. Shop with us now for TropiClean Neem Shampoo - once you try it for yourself, you won't regret it!