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Is your dog getting a little too vocal for your liking? Put an end to disruptive barking with PetSafe Spray Refill! This citronella refill provides an effective and safe, but gentle way of controlling the volume in your home. And just so you know, your pup won’t even know that they’re being sprayed with citronella since it’s scentless and invisible to them. 

Forget hassling with irritating and expensive electric shock collars - our spray refills offer a humane solution to curbing destructive behavior. Plus, they come at an incredible price! Not only can you now keep your furry friends in check without breaking the bank, but you'll never have to worry about constantly replacing batteries, which is great news for the environment. 

We all value the relationship we have with our pets so why not keep it safe with this simple yet highly-effective method? Don't miss out on this source of quick relief for dealing with misbehaving pooches – get your PetSafe Spray Refill from Metro Pet Supply now!