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Don’t hesitate to pamper your medium-sized pup with the QuickFinder Nail Trimmer from Metro Pet Supply! Keeping your four-legged friend’s claws in check is a must, and the innovation of this trimmer makes this task easier than ever. 

With its advanced two-step safety system, it won’t let you get too close to the quick, so the health of your pup stays intact. All you have to do is adjust the trimmer until it’s appropriate for its nail size and then guide it along with its LED lights, letting you know when it's time to stop. 

With its quiet motor, your pup won't feel anxious about having their nails trimmed—which keeps them calm for future trimmings. So don't hesitate, give your pooch the care they deserve! Pick up your QuickFinder Nail Trimmer for Medium Dogs today at Metro Pet Supply.