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Check out the Chuckit! Medium Confetti Ball - your animals' newest playtime favorite! This durable ball comes in an exciting, multi-colored confetti pattern and is perfect for active and outdoor play. Its brightly hued colors make it easy to spot and fetch, perfect for games of tag or to be used as a training reward. 

The brightly colored design also makes it easier to keep track of indoors, as it won't get lost as easily. The medium size is great for medium-sized breeds like beagles, border collies, and huskies who are up for some serious playtime. 

Plus, since it features a sturdy construction and is made of non-toxic plastic, you can feel confident that your furry friend is playing with a toy that promotes their health and safety. Choose the Chuckit! Medium Confetti Ball and give your furry pal the excitement and fun they deserve!