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Are you looking for a long-lasting, delicious chew that will keep your pup busy and entertained? Look no further than Benebone's Medium Wishbone Chew! This product is designed to provide a fun and interactive experience for pups of all sizes. With flavors like bacon, chicken, and peanut butter, your pup will be drooling in no time! 

Plus, this chew is made with non-toxic, food-grade ingredients, so you can rest easy knowing your pup is getting a safely-made treat. Plus, the curved shape of the wishbone makes it easier for small and big dogs alike to grip and chew. The juicy flavors will engage your pup's taste buds, while the firm texture and durable material stand up to tough chewers. 

And with its low-fat content and added calcium and vitamins, your pup's cravings will be satisfied without having to worry about unhealthy additives. Get your pup the Benebone Medium Wishbone Chew today and give them the delicious, long-lasting chew they deserve!