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Looking for a healthy, delicious treat that your cat will love? Introducing Greenies Smartbites! These natural treats let you snack smarter with the irresistible tuna flavor that cats crave. With 4.6 oz of snacks, your cat has plenty of crunchy goodness to enjoy. 

Greenies Smartbites are made with natural ingredients, including flaxseed, cranberry fruit juice, flaxseed meal, shrimp meal, and salmon meal. Each treat contains natural antioxidants to maintain your cat’s immune system and contains real tuna for a flavor cats can’t resist. Plus, they’re low in fat and free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Plus, they can help reduce tartar and plaque with every crunchy bite. 

Head to Metro Pet Supply and pick up a bag of Greenies Smartbites Healthy Indoor Tuna Flavor Natural Treats for your cat today. They’ll thank you with purrs and meows of delight.