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If your feline friend is looking for an extravagant, high-end treat like no other, then Metro Pet Supply's Savvy Tabby Luxe Faux Fur Balls are the perfect pick! These luxuriously soft faux fur balls are designed to stimulate cats' predatory instincts with their fluffy visuals and textures that mimic real animal fur. 

The vibrant colors contrast perfectly against the neutral faux fur exterior, making them all the more enticing to playful kitties. Not only will your cat love batting around these delectable treats, but you'll also rest easy knowing they're made from non-toxic materials that won't harm your furry companion. 

Plus, you can always trust in the durability of Savvy Tabby's design thanks to the reinforced seams that will keep this toy intact through endless playing sessions. If your kitty loves a good toy with a unique touch of luxury - then you'll both adore these furry little gifts from Metro Pet Supply!