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If you’re looking for a holiday-inspired cat toy that will amaze your feline friend this season, then you have to check out the SPOT Silver Vine Cat Toy – Medium! This fun, colorful toy serves up some serious holiday cheer as well as hours of active playtime that your cat won't be able to get enough of. 

With its festive and colorful design, the Silver Vine Cat Toy was designed to appeal to felines of all sizes, making it the perfect holiday gift for your pal. The fun crinkle sound that this toy produces will draw your cat into play, and the three connectable parts make it extra fun for your furry friend. 

Plus, the Silver Vine Cat Toy is stuffed with a heavenly blend of Silver Vine, Catnip, and Valerian Root for maximum stimulation. So, make sure your kitty gets a special holiday treat this season – bring home the SPOT Silver Vine Cat Toy from Metro Pet Supply today!