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Now your kitty can look and feel like the coolest feline around with the OP Catnip Stogie from Metro Pet Supply! This Cosmic 100 Percent Catnip Filled Toy- Cigar is designed to provide hours of stimulating fun for your favorite furry friend. The catnip blend used in crafting the OP Catnip Stogie provides your cat with an irresistibly enticing aroma and potent flavor they’ll love. 

The unique shape and size of this toy encourage cats to wrestle, roll, and kick as they play – enabling them to get their daily exercise and burn off energy quickly. Plus, the signature design of the OP Catnip Stogie evokes a sense of true sophistication, basically making your cat feel like an old-school Gatsby. 

So, if you’re looking for a unique way to keep your beloved cat engaged and entertained, pick up the latest addition from Metro Pet Supply – the OP Catnip Stogie.