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Are you looking for the perfect toy for your kitty cat? Look no further than the Multipet Sloth Cat Toy from Metro Pet Supply! New and improved, this innovative five-inch Sloth plush toy has all the makings of a cat's dream. Crafted from durable materials and resilient fabrics, it will keep cats entertained for hours. 

Your kitty doesn't know boredom when this soft and cuddly fuzzy Sloth is around. Cats can jump, pounce, play tag with it, or use it as an excellent napping spot – however they desire! As a bonus, its unique shape allows cats to stretch out their claws while batting at it for a satisfying scratching session that won't damage any furniture or floors. 

Bring home ultimate fun and entertainment for your feline friend today with the Multipet Sloth Cat Toy from Metro Pet Supply! With its convenient size and attractive design, there's something about it that cats just can't resist!