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Are you looking for something fun to keep your precious kitty entertained? Look no further than the KONG Wubba for Cats! At Metro Pet Supply, we have what your cat's been meowing for! 

This unique toy is specifically designed to stimulate your little furry's natural hunting instincts. It's infused with catnip for a sensory experience that will have your cat playing for hours - or however long their nap schedule allows! It also features a unique two-tailed design and innovative "crackle" material that adds another level of fun. Every swat unleashes a rewarding sound that will have them coming back for more! 

The KONG Wubba for Cats is the perfect way to provide your feline friends with the interactive play they love while giving them a reason to stay active. So go ahead and pamper them - your furry companion will thank you for it. Stop by Metro Pet Supply and pick one up today!