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Cat owners rejoice, for Metro Pet Supply has found the ultimate must-have item for your little furball – the Flicker Fun Bird Cat Toy! When cats catch a glimpse of this fun feline toy, they’ll instantly be drawn to its brightly colored feathers, and their eyes will light up with the knowledge that this toy is filled with their favorite treat – catnip!

Designed to flutter and flap just like a real bird, the Flicker Fun Bird will bring an element of natural hunting instinct and entertainment to your cat’s playtime experience. With fun feathers that dangle and sway with the slightest movement, your cat probably won’t be able to resist swatting and chasing this toy around the house. Plus, cats will have even more reason to make time for the Flicker Fun Bird when they catch a whiff of the irresistible catnip scent emanating from within.

Treat your beloved cat to a new toy today with the Flicker Fun Bird. Get yours now at Metro Pet Supply at a discounted price before supplies run out!