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Pet parents looking for stylish, extra-large cat litter pans should look no further than the Van Ness Enclosed Corner Cat Pan with Odor Door and Filter! This chic and modern litter box is perfectly sized to fit into any tight corner, making it great for homes with small living spaces. 

The dense and sturdy plastic construction keeps odors in, so you don't have to worry about any embarrassing smells wafting through your home. The included odor door additionally helps to contain those unwanted aromas, and the replaceable filter can easily be swapped out when it's time to do a deep clean. 

Plus, the convenient pan handle makes it a breeze to move and clean, making this the perfect option for cats and their owners alike. Purchase a size large in gray for your favorite feline friend today and make cleaning up after them more discrete, sanitary, and as pain-free as possible!