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Transform your cat's litter experience into something peaceful and aromatic with the World's Best Litter Lavender Scented Formula Cat Litter, 15 lbs. Crafted from all-natural, plant-derived material that contains no synthetic chemicals or fragrances, this remarkable cat litter offers superior absorption—trapping odors and liquids on contact and greatly reducing dust. Not only will your cat be totally comfortable, but you'll appreciate the fact that it's 99% dust-free and 100% flushable. 

So, relax and revel in the soothing scent of lavender with the World's Best Litter Lavender. Not to mention, the advanced scoopable formula makes for easy, convenient cleaning, which undoubtedly makes life easier for cat owners everywhere. Feel confident knowing you're giving your feline friend the gentlest and safest of care — the best of the best, really. Metro Pet Supply offers this superior, naturally scented cat litter for your purrr-fect pet.