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Say goodbye to stale, dusty cat litter with the World’s Best Original Series of Unscented Multi Corn Cat Litter! This 8-lb bag of fast-clumping, superior-quality litter is the perfect choice for discerning cat owners. With its natural scent reducers, super absorbency ability, and long-lasting usage time, this unique blend of multi-corn is sure to please and keep your cats happy and comfortable. 

Cats love this odorless litter that has been tested for safety. Plus, you won’t have to worry about putrid odors every time the litter box needs attention— claim your home back from pungent odors! Each granule is designed to bind together quickly and tightly to contain wetness and odor without the mess. 

Clean-up will be a breeze with its easy cleaning properties too. Get ready for a better litter experience with the World’s Best Original Series Unscented Multi Corn Cat Litter from Metro Pet Supply—you’ll see the difference right away!