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Are you ready to take the hassle out of litter box cleaning? The Scoop Free Auto Liter Tray 3 pack is here! Keep your home smelling fresh with these premium litter trays, specifically designed for use with Scoop-Free Self Cleaning Litter Boxes. This convenient package contains three litter trays that effectively contain odors with personal waste and ensure minimal maintenance since they don’t require any scooping or refilling. 

The tight-fitting lid helps keep unwanted dust and moisture away from the litter, while also providing maximum odor control. Not only are they easy to assemble, but the shallow depth also makes them simple to dispose of whenever needed. 

Plus, the convenient carry handle lets you transport the trays with ease wherever it need to go! So free yourself up from dealing with daily scooping and refilling – get your Scoop Free Auto Liter Tray 3 pack today at the best prices here at Metro Pet Supply!