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Do you have a cat that suffers from stress and anxiety? Help make life better for your furry friend and invest in the amazing Quiet Moments Calming Spray for Cats from Metro Pet Supply! This calming spray is specifically formulated to help your cat feel at ease in their environment, reducing anxious behavior and helping to make them feel more secure. 

The natural formula combines soothing, calming herbs that include lavender, chamomile, valerian and more, and is completely free of alcohol, pheromones, and harsh chemicals so it's safe to use around your pet. To use, simply spritz it lightly onto your cat's favorite resting spots so they can get the most out of the effects. 

Whether it's thunder, fireworks, guests, or any other stressors, one spray of the Quiet Moments Calming Spray keeps your cat calm and relaxed. Start your cat's journey towards a more stress-free life today and purchase the Quiet Moments Calming Spray from Metro Pet Supply. You won't regret it!