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Are you looking for the perfect container for your cat’s litter box? Look no further than the Van Ness Enclosed Cat Pan - Extra-Giant! This innovative product provides the ultimate convenience for cats and their owners. It offers all of the benefits of a regular litter box while containing any unpleasant odors and debris both you and your feline friend will love. 

Designed with your cat’s comfort in mind, it features a large hood that can be easily removed for cleaning, plus a roomy base that allows plenty of room to move around inside. The hood contains built-in active air filters that help control odors, while an odor-control charcoal filter ensures the best interior airflow. 

Give your cat ultimate freshness with the Van Ness Enclosed Cat Pan - Extra-Giant! Get yours today at Metropolitan Pet Supply and help make life easier (and smell better) for both you and your kitty companion.