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Protect your furbaby from pesky fleas and ticks with the Adams Plus Flea & Tick Collar For Cats! This comfortable and adjustable collar is designed to help protect cats from harmful parasites for up to 4 months. Its waterproof formula helps reduce the risk of re-infestation, keeping your kitty safe from nasty bugs all season long.

The Adams Plus Collar is easy to use and features a pleasant scent that won’t drive away your cat’s favorite snuggle buddy. It also has an adjustable fit that easily fits around any neck size, no matter how big or small. This product has been tested by veterinarians and proven to be effective in killing, controlling, and repelling fleas, as well as some other pests like lice and mosquitoes. 

With such an incredible value on such quality protection for your pet, why look anywhere else? Keep your furry friend safe without breaking the bank when you choose the Adams Plus Flea & Tick Collar For Cats at Metro Pet Supply!