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Treat your feline friend to something special with the Weruva Truluxe Cat Food Honor Roll! This delicious blend of the finest ingredients delights cats and encourages them to be their active, playful selves. Formulated with real tuna as the first ingredient and a variety of nutritious vegetables, this recipe is sure to have even choosy cats purring for more. 

Packed with proteins and essential fats, this canned cat food helps keep cats healthy while providing them with convenient nutrition in an easy-to-eat package. Covering all the food group needs of cats, it's formulated without grains, carrageenan, MSG, GMO, or any other fillers, helping to supply complete and balanced nutrition without giving up on taste. 

At Metro Pet Supply we want to make it easier here so you don't have to worry; pick up a can today and treat your cat like royalty - they deserve it! With Weruva TruLuxe Cat Food Honor Roll your furry family members will stay happy and healthy all day long.