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Are you looking for the perfect meal to tantalize your favorite feline's taste buds? Look no further than Tiki Cat Tahitian Grill! This tasty 2.8 oz pouch of wet food contains all-natural ingredients like real whitefish, tuna, rabbit, and a hint of egg whites to make a deliciously nutritious meal. 

Your cat will love the taste and the texture! Our quality assurance ensures that every pouch of Tiki Cat Tahitian Grill is free of grains or gluten, as well as byproducts and added fillers. Plus, with its low-calorie formula, it helps support healthy weight in cats. It’s sure to become your cat’s new favorite meal! 

So if you're looking for a unique and nutritious meal that appeals to your cat’s inner gourmet, stop by Metro Pet Supply and pick up some Tiki Cat Tahitian Grill today!